Castle/Feudalism themed bevel design as concept pitch.

Indigo Cove feature background art.

Background Painting for Cashman Live

3D Slot machine modeling and textures

2X multiplier symbol for Wild Bells

What self respecting slot game artist DOESN’T have at least one cherry in their portfolio?

Red Flaming 7

Red Flaming 7

Wild Symbol

Wild Flaming Symbol

Star Shot Topper mechanical art

Star Shot Bonus Symbol (stacked)

Star Shot Big Win graphic

Star Shot Big Win

Star Shot Burst Loop

Star Shot Burst

Star Shot Reel Highlight

Through the Looking Glass: Jabberwocky and Alice intro to progressive jackpot battle.

Through the Looking Glass: Alice and the Jabberwocky Progressive Bonus. This is just some of the art elements made for the sequence showing a mock puppet battle.

Idle animation of the Jabberwocky as a paper puppet.

attack animation of the Jabberwocky.

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Illustration, Game Design, Animation
Aristocrat, Kizzang
Illustration, Game Design, Animation